How to Address Citrix Web Interface 5.4 Event ID 30024 and 31003

Citrix Web Interface 5.4 Event ID 30024 and 31003
If you’ve tried to login into Citrix Web Interface only to receive Event ID 20024 and 31003 delivering error messages, it’s important to note that this can be caused by several different issues. If you’re encountering this problem and have exhausted all of your options, try this […]

Hosting Services vs. Cloud Hosting

If you’re not immersed in the IT industry, it can be easy to get lost in the terminology. Especially when similar terms and phrases are used. However, if you’re looking for hosting services, it is important to distinguish between traditional hosting and cloud hosting.

The primary difference between the two forms of hosting is the extent […]

How to Add a Printer Driver to a Terminal Server

Adding a printer driver to a terminal server is simple
Just because a new printer comes with software doesn’t mean you need all of it. In fact, most printers allow you to install the printer drivers alone, excluding the packaged software that came in the hardware’s bundle.

There are instances when vendors intentionally package the drivers […]

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a remote storage and backup service tied to a network that allows users to upload, download, and access data anywhere they have an Internet connection. It is generally tied to a monthly subscription where users pay for the quantifiable space they are using.

But did you know there are different types of […]

Adding a Shared Office 365 mailbox to Your iPhone

Having trouble adding a shared Office 365 mailbox to your iPhone? You’re not alone. SkyLink’s professionals have seen this and many other IT troubles and have taken the time to put together an easy solution via a step-by-step walkthrough. Verified on iOS9 and O365 in December 2015, we’ve tested to ensure this solution works.

Click here […]

Cisco VPN Client Not Working With Windows 8.1

Help! My Cisco VPN Client is Not Working With Windows 8.1

Error 442.

Look familiar?

If you’re still operating Windows 8.1 and are having trouble with your VPN not working, don’t panic! There is a quick fix that you or your IT professional can do to enable your virtual adapter when booting up your operating program.

SkyLink’s Chief Technology […]

Why Your Business Needs Data Center Services

From e-mails to crucial files and media, every business is dependent on digital content.  All it takes today is an unexpected catastrophe to bring a business to a screeching halt.  There’s no way to anticipate disasters before they happen, so how do you keep your business protected?  Today, peace of mind comes in the form […]