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About SkyLink Data Centers

Southwest Florida’s Data Fortress for Colocation and Hosting

Skylink Data Center is the premier colocation and hosting provider in Southwest Florida. Designed for discretion and resilience, our number one priority is the protection of our clients information and intellectual property. In addition to being the only HIPAA Compliant colocation center south of Tampa and west of Miami, our entire PCI compliant facility has been designed with information security in mind.

From hurricanes to hackers, we have gone to great lengths to keep our facility and the precious data within safe and secure. With outer walls, windows, and a roof constructed to stand firm against up to 200 mile per hour winds, it would be difficult for Mother Nature to shake our foundation. We have precautions to protect against internal fires, including walls that can withstand flames for up to 4 hours and Dupont FE-25 Chemical Fire Suppression.

Concerned about power outages? Don’t be. We prepared for that too with an onsite diesel powered generator and battery backup system that can keep us running for a week straight in a city with no power.

When you choose colocation and hosting with Skylink data centers, you get a catered service package and peace of mind. Coupled with our state of the art infrastructure and facilities is a skilled staff that you’ll never have trouble getting in touch with when you need them. Plus, we know what we’re talking about!

Skylink’s IT staff is run by IT personnel for IT personnel. Certified IT Administrators and Engineers are on staff to provide expert hands on service. We even offer client amenities at our location. At Skylink, you can work remotely when you need to from a designated client workspace. Stay comfortable, safe, and connected, even in difficult weather.

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About Skylink Data Center’s Colocation and Cloud Solutions

Skylink Data Centers make it easy to keep your information and servers secure while giving you the flexibility to work virtually from anywhere with an Internet connection. With colocation services that house and protect your servers, security system, storage, and other computing hardware to our menu of cloud services, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business.

Hardware is expensive. So is managing it. Between maintenance and making sure your setup can handle your growing business, you may be spending more time and money on IT support and keeping the ship running smoothly than your business should. In fact, that’s probably what led you to us in the first place.

Invest your trust in a data center that will keep you sailing smoothly. Skylink Data Center will save you and your employees the headaches, money, and time while keeping you consistently up and running. Pick up the phone and give Skylink a call at 239- 403-2950 and let’s talk about your business needs.

From security solutions to DaaS, SaaS, IaaS, managed hosting services, and more, we can put together a custom solution designed in alignment with your business and its growth. With the flexibility to expand with your business growth or even temporarily to adapt to a major project, Skylink Data Centers gives you the freedom and adaptability suited for your business’ success.