Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service, which is a service model that provides all the computing resources you need to deploy and run your operating system, software, and applications. This includes servers, storage, networks, security, and other associated services such as load balancing and virtualization, all of which are provided through a cloud infrastructure. Consumers who subscribe to IaaS don’t have to worry about maintenance. All the equipment, maintenance, and settings are controlled by SkyLink’s data center and its staff.

What is IaaS?

IaaS is virtualized hardware that creates a computing infrastructure. This computing service encompasses everything that makes your virtual services run, including server space, IP addresses, bandwidth, and load balancers.

The advantage of IaaS is its flexibility. Unlike building your own physical infrastructure, an IaaS service can instantly adapt to your needs. You can adapt configurations, space, networking services, and resources to adapt to the expanding or changing needs of your business.

Users can subscribe to month-by-month, scalable subscriptions to IaaS. Familiar IaaS service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine, and Windows Azure. However, they aren’t the only options on the web. IaaS is also a popular service among SkyLink clients.

IaaS Vs. PaaS

Software platforms (PaaS) typically is used as a platform with the operating system and server software necessary to develop and deploy software of their own. Providers of PaaS services provide everything necessary to develop their product or service, while taking care of any underlying server hardware or network infrastructure for the client.

IaaS is the foundation for cloud services. It covers compute resources, storage, and network capabilities via a dashboard or API. The client is given control over their infrastructure more than services like PaaS or SaaS. IaaS service is mainly used to develop and deploy PaaS, SaaS, and web-scale applications.

Who Benefits from Iaas?

Our highly secure, scalable, cost effective cloud based service works for businesses of every size. By outsourcing your computing equipment and resources, your company saves time and money while avoiding the complexities and expenses of managing the underlying hardware.

You also experience the elasticity of being able to expand your service as your business grows instead of reinvesting in new equipment every time your company swells beyond its capacity. By replacing that overhead with an adaptable, on-demand service, businesses are able to reinvest time and money saved into more profitable objectives.

The Benefits of SkyLink’s IaaS include:

  • No hardware investment – all the physical infrastructure components are setup and maintained by us, saving the time and cost otherwise invested in on-premise systems
  • Pay-as-you-go costing – pay for only the resources that are actually used
  • Scalability – systems and resources are configured and are available as needed thereby eliminating delays in capacity expansion and unused resource waste
  • Flexible and fully customized – there are no one size fits all scenarios. Each project is carefully considered based on the client’s specific needs. All systems and resources are selected to maximize access and usage
  • Physical Security – systems and resources are housed in an ultra secure and redundant always online and available data centers as opposed to typical, far less secure utility rooms, closets and readily accessible offices
  • No Single Point of Failure – all systems and resources – including the supporting power, cooling and connectivity infrastructure – is highly redundant – allowing services and resources to remain online regardless of system failure
  • Advanced Monitoring – all systems and resources are proactively monitored 24/7 with 360° visibility to alert technicians and engineers of any impending failure to prevent and eliminate service and resource outages
  • Location Independence – the resources are available from anywhere there is a viable Internet connection and the connection protocol is allowed.

Things to Look for in an IaaS Service Provider

Don’t settle for less when choosing the right IaaS service. Make sure that you go through a checklist of expectations before signing up. Your service provider should give you around-the-clock access to technical support that you can talk to. Don’t settle for ticketing services or indirect channels. Make sure they have a phone number that you can reach out to, including engineer support.

Check their licenses and certifications, and see how they measure service consumption for your billing. Ensure that you get notifications if you near or exceed set thresholds and know what extra charges you would incur if this happens.

Your service should be flexible, and easy to update whether it’s to upgrade or downgrade the level of service. You should know the infrastructure as well. Is it secure? Do they have a satisfactory disaster recovery solution, and does the provider offer all of the storage options and services that you need—now and in the future? Always plan ahead and expect your service to grow with you.

If you have questions about IaaS service, or you would like to talk to a professional about SkyLink’s options, contact us. Our Florida data center locations include Naples and Orlando, Florida.