Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Today businesses need flexibility as much as they need technology. Being able to access your computer solely from your desk isn’t enough. The solution? Desktop as a Service, or DaaS. This subscription based service allows multiple users to access a single application from nearly any device.

What are DaaS Services?

What is DaaS, exactly? Simply put, DaaS is a desktop virtualization service that is hosted and accessed through a cloud server. The purpose is to make accessing your desktop and applications easy from any device, anywhere.

DaaS Services are provided through a subscription provided by a vendor or data center responsible for maintaining your desktop program, applications, and the remote server it’s housed on. When using DaaS services, any changes, updates, or data you input save automatically to the cloud.

DaaS vs. VDI

So what makes DaaS services different from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? The two are very similar in both function and nature. The biggest difference is that by using DaaS services, your are outsourcing your VDI through a cloud-based service provider. This means less work for your IT team. Your vendor or SaaS provider handles all of the resource provisioning, network issues, load balancing, etc. Essentially, they keep your VDI secure and running smoothly.

VDI is run by your personal IT team, from back-end infrastructure to managing endpoints. If your business doesn’t have a member of its IT who is well-versed in VDI, you may be in for more than you bargained for by choosing it.

However, that doesn’t mean every DaaS service is a good fit, either. Because cloud services can vary in security and offerings, it’s important to carefully evaluate its provider prior to signing up for DaaS services. A good service provider will help you cut costs while eliminating complex and time consuming processes.

DaaS Services Bring Desktop Virtualization to You

SkyLink’s DaaS option lets small to medium sized businesses simplify desktop management by offloading and centralizing maintenance to our highly secure, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). On the back-end, our service provides several other benefits, including:

  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Easier platform migration
  • New desktop provisioning in minutes instead of hours
  • Alleviation of compliance issues
  • Significant cost reductions

This provides end users the flexibility of accessing their data and applications from nearly any device, anywhere. On the back-end, our DaaS offering provides improved disaster recovery, easier platform migration and new desktop provisioning in minutes instead of hours all while alleviating compliance issues and yielding significant cost reductions.

Businesses that can benefit from DaaS technology

So who benefits from this technology? Typically companies with significant numbers of contracted employees or remote users. This includes:

  • Startup Businesses: Many startup businesses find themselves needing to bring together the expertise multiple professionals. We give them synergy and security.
  • High Turnover Firms: If your business has a high turnover or seasonal employees, we can help keep you from having to start from scratch with each new hire. Users, or “tenants,” can be added or removed easily, and our technology can be accessed by employee-owned devices without creating a security risk.
  • Businesses on a Budget: Cash strapped companies needing to avoid PC upgrades and replacements can use our subscription to avoid having to maintain and upgrade their software.
  • Companies Wanting to Eliminate IT Management: If your organization is looking to free up technical resources to focus on other key projects or core competencies, DaaS will do that because all maintenance is handled through SkyLink.

Question to Ask a DaaS Service Provider

While we love DaaS services and think they are great solutions for many businesses, we always suggest you do your research first. As we stated before, no two service providers are the same. There are a few questions you should always ask before signing a contract. Go ahead and put us to the test by asking these questions:

What happens when there’s an outage?

Make sure that your provider has a plan when it comes to service and power outages. What are they doing to prevent them? How often do they occur? What do you do to keep me up and running if something like this happens?

Here’s a hint: if their infrastructure isn’t equipped to handle possible power outages or cyber attacks before they happen, walk away. SkyLink built its locations to defend against both. We integrate backup measures and 24/7 surveillance so that you stay up-and-running no matter what happens.

Who has control over my data?

Is the provider you’re working with making the final decisions on how your cloud service is managed? Are they compliant with technical regulations and licensing? You want to hire a DaaS service provider who is in full control of your desktop virtualization experience. If it isn’t run in-house by an expert team of IT professionals, you are dealing with the wrong company.

That’s why Skylink Data Centers employs certified IT Administrators and Engineers to handle your business needs while protecting and managing your cloud services in-house at one of our Florida data centers..

How much will it cost me… really?

Don’t get duped into paying more than you anticipated. Make sure that your service provider is telling you everything upfront, including hidden or additional costs that can be incurred. Compare your monthly costs with what it would take to manage your services on your own. Remember, this includes more than just the costs of hardware and software. It also includes the salaries and time of staff members necessary to manage your desktop and software on a daily basis. A good DaaS service is flexible and helps you save money in updates, maintenance, and costly upgrades. Their management should also extend beyond applications to your users’ desktops, servers, and networks.

The Desktop as a Service Advantage

More companies are turning to subscription services. Why? With today’s technology growing dependent on cloud services to preserve their data, it was only a matter of time before desktops and applications followed suit. Desktop as a Service is the natural evolution that brings desktop access into the cloud. It is a solution that brings your business flexibility, simplified operations, minimal management, and lower costs. Skylink Data Centers has locations in Naples and Orlando, Florida, serving clients across the country. Contact us to delve deeper into our DaaS opportunities.