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Skylink’s Jacob Ackerman Reveals Biggest Cyber Risk to Small Businesses

Skylink’s Jacob Ackerman Reveals:
Biggest Cyber Risk to Small Businesses
Recently, Skylink Chief Technology Officer Jacob Ackerman led a discussion at the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Executive Roundtable on Technology Security. The information he imparted is crucial to business owners. In today’s digital age, we all should be concerned about keeping our systems, data, and […]

Why the Colocation Industry is Changing Shape

Anyone who has been in the “colo” (colocation) industry for some time can attest that things are changing. As technology skyrockets businesses and enterprises into new territory like cloud storage, DCIM, and the Internet of Things, our business tends to follow. It has to. It’s our job as a data center company to evolve for […]

The Advantages of Data Center Hosted Equipment Leasing

A primary reason our clients consider leveraging a data center is cost savings – which can be considerable. More and more organizations are discovering data center services are ultimately cheaper than maintaining their own servers and other equipment in-house. Furthermore, did you know you can save even more money with equipment and software leasing as […]

Why Your Business Needs Data Center Services

From e-mails to crucial files and media, every business is dependent on digital content.  All it takes today is an unexpected catastrophe to bring a business to a screeching halt.  There’s no way to anticipate disasters before they happen, so how do you keep your business protected?  Today, peace of mind comes in the form […]