In today’s world, there are many ways to communicate than ever before. Even so, email remains one of the most popular communication tools.

According to a recent Radicati Group study, there will be approximately 3.8 billion email users before the calendar turns to 2019.

As a business professional, you likely have access to cloud-based email storage through your company. For example, your email address is something along the lines of “[email protected].”

However, there are a variety of free email providers that service billions of people.

Here is a breakdown of the top six most popular free email providers:

1. Gmail

With more than one billion monthly active users, Gmail is the number one free email provider.

Not only is it powered by Google, but Gmail is known for being one of the most efficient and easy to use email applications.

When you also consider a large number of add-ons, it’s easy to see why Gmail continues to grow in popularity.

2. Yahoo Mail

With 225 million active monthly users, Yahoo Mail remains one of the most popular free email providers.

While it may not have the same size user base as Gmail, millions of people have been relying on Yahoo Mail since its inception in 1997.

3. Microsoft Outlook

If you’re interested in a free email account that is easy to use, full of features, and extremely reliable, Microsoft Outlook is a good place to start.

With nearly 500 million active users, Microsoft Outlook is the second most popular free email provider, trailing only Gmail.

4. GMX Mail

Even though GMX Mail has been around since 1997, it’s just now beginning to pick up steam.

As a subsidiary of United Internet, one of the top internet service providers in Germany, GMX Mail has approximately 11 million active monthly users.

5. Zoho Mail

Although Zoho Mail has only been around for roughly ten years (launched in 2008), it has a strong following thanks to a robust feature list and ad-free environment.

With more than 10 million active monthly users, Zoho Mail has quickly grown into one of the world’s largest free email providers.

6. iCloud

If it has anything to do with technology and the internet, it’s hard to overlook the power of Apple. And this holds in regards to email.

iCloud is Apple’s free email service, with most iPhone, iPad, and Mac users having an account.

Although there are more than 700 million iCloud app users, it’s unsure of how many of these people are using an iCloud email address. Even so, it remains a popular free email provider.

Email Hosting Vs. Free Email Providers

So what’s the benefit of choosing email hosting over free email providers? There are many other benefits to email hosting services than just a unique domain name. Email hosting services provide better technical support, security, as well as premium tools such as shared calendars and other collaborative options.

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