Jacob Ackerman Keynote Speaker for 17th SWFL TechMeetup

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, Skylink CTO Jacob Ackerman presented as the keynote speaker for the 17th SWFL TechMeetup in Fort Myers, Florida. Titled “Hyper-converged infrastructure and Tech Support on Steroids”, this exciting presentation and QnA session was geared toward IT professionals.

What is Hyper-converged Infrastructure?

Hyper-converged Infrastructure, or HCI, is an IT infrastructure fully defined by software that virtualizes all of the elements used in the conventional hardware defined systems. To put it in simpler terms, it’s a virtual IT infrastructure. This term was coined in 2012 by Steve Chambers and Forrester Research.

Virtualization has taken the IT industry by storm, revolutionizing the traditional means for data management that is rooted in hardware. Regular converged infrastructure attaches storage directly to the physical servers, such as flash storage.

Hyper-converged infrastructure offers improved scalability and resilience by running the storage controller function as a service on each node. The cost of this service varies tremendously. However, it often saves businesses money by providing a more advanced performance through a low-cost subscription service as opposed to purchasing expensive hardware with less storage flexibility.

About the 17th SWFL TechMeetup

SWFL TechMeetup is a monthly event for IT professionals to network and expand their knowledge of trends and best practices within the industry. As a leading technologist in SWFL, Ackerman is an active participant.

The 17th SWFL TechMeetup was a 3+ hour event that included:

  • Time for networking
  • Introductions and announcements
  • A brief open-mic to promote your business or broadcast a need that someone in the group might be able to fill
  • A 30 minute presentation by Jacob Ackerman, keynote speaker
  • A 15 minute question and answer session
  • A after-party at United Ale House in Fort Myers

For more information on SWFL TechMeetups, please click here. For IT services, you can contact Skylink directly at 239-403-2950 or send us an e-mail!