verify and validate jumbo frames skylink data centersA jumbo frame is a large Ethernet frame whose payload exceeds the standard maximum transmission unit, or MTU. That means these frames are larger than 1,500 bytes. In fact, they can be up to seven times that size.

Enabling jumbo frames on local area networks can help improve data transmissions and make your overall network performance better. How? Because CPU’s on routers and switches are only capable of processing one frame at a time. By increasing the frame’s payload size, you reduce the amount of frames needed to process data.

It’s a great tool! However, if you’re trying to pass a jumbo frame from one device to another, you need to be able to configure it. Skylink Data Center’s Jacob Ackerman has put together a quick and easy walkthrough to help you do just that:

Click here to learn how you can verify and validate jumbo frames configuration.

Make sure you pay attention to every detail. One misstep can leave you with fragmented packets and a decrease in performance.

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