How To Reset The Administrator Password On Polycom VVX PhonesMany businesses utilize Polycom VVX phones. They’re great to have in the office, but when something goes wrong it can quickly slow down the pace of your business. If you’re having trouble finding out how to reset the Administrator password on your Polycom VVX phone, fear not. IT expert and SkyLink’s Chief Technology Officer Jacob Ackerman reveals an easy solution on his blog of Obscure IT Solutions.

This is just one of many IT riddles he solves on his personal blog, all to help clients an fellow IT professionals with those frustrating hiccups that don’t have an obvious remedy, so feel free to browse and page mark it, too! You never know when the answer you need will be on his page, right at your fingertips.

Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to reset the administrator password on Polycom VVX phones.